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Ever wondered how to be a GREAT Friend?

During our last trip to India; as part of visits within India, we had a cemetery visit to deceased elders. D, my 5yr old nephew, also had joined us. He is very playful, full of energy(and questions sssshhh..) - we enjoyed his company all along.
When we were at my MIL’s mother’s grave..

D: who is this?
MIL: that is my mother baba.. your great grand mother
D: my great nani??
MIL: yes, your great nani
D: (pointing at the next grave) who is this?
MIL read out the name on the grave
D: whose great nani is that?? (😜)
MIL: come let us offer flowers here..

Two days later, we were at packing to get back here, and D wanted to extend a helping hand. As part of the action, he had to make sure he knows the why, what and where of what he(thought) was packing. I’m sure you get it, we were looking at 3x behindhand with packing.

Meanwhile, he got busy with making a card for us; oh yes, he had a few questions around: if we plan to keep his card safe and how? We have been successful with preserving the card. It seems, one with the heart face is me and 'B' head is K - I did not ask why so; mostly because I liked my heart face. 😝

After a while, K started to watch a cricket video on his phone. D had a question..

D:  who are they? Are they your friends?
K:  no baba
D: what are you watching? They are your friends..? 
K: no baba, they are not my friends
D: then why are you watching? They are not your friends..?
(K thought he may not stop until he gets an yes; at the same time did not want to lie) 
K:  YES baba, they are my friends' friends
(Well, you agree, we get creative around a questioning kid)
D: Oh, they are your GREAT friends? 🙇
Well, you agree, we get creative around a questioning kid
K looked at me, we exchanged a look of “what is he talking about?”. Anyways, since the answer convinced D enough, K got on with watching. After a few seconds, K and I both looked at each other at once; we knew what GREAT FRIENDS  was about. 😇 It was coming from great nani, straight from the cemetery. 😂

Now, K and I have quite a few "great" relationships; great neighbors, great bosses. In short, Life seems Great! 😎👍


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